RE BIM for 3D and so much more!

BIM (Building Information Model) is, apart from being a geometric representation of a building (a 3D model), especially interesting as the common database of all real estate information. A big advantage is that everyone works with the same data from a BIM model and that the relevant information is easily accessible. In addition, the model offers an attractive visualization of the real estate object that can also be used by users, owners and tenants for communication purposes about the real estate object.
BIM is integrated into the RE Suite which uses and supports common open BIM exchange standards such as IFC, BCF, gbXML and CityGML and provides the tools to integrate BIM into your real estate processes.

The RE Suite makes use of the possibilities that BIM offers. An example of the BIM integration in the RE Suite is the management of planned maintenance based on a BIM inventory. Information from a BIM, such as square meters of masonry or painting, is input for condition assessment and Multi Year Maintenance Plannings (MYMP). There is no need for a separate inventory of building parts that need maintenance.
With the RE Suite you can also visualize the current building performance (e.g. current energy consumption) within a BIM model and link the inspection results to it. The externally drawn up Programs of Requirements can as well be directly converted into BIM models by the BIM module. In short, the possibilities are numerous. Not only does the work become more efficient and fun, but the quality increases as well.

The BIM models of new and existing construction (converted 3D laser scans / point clouds) can easily be visualized, edited and enriched in RE BIM - at the office or on site using the app on the tablet.

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