Proposal writing

Writing research proposals

A good idea is just the beginning...
DEMO has a lot of experience in taking the following steps: writing good proposals
Writing a research proposal is a profession in its own right. The competition is high and the effort is extensive. All the more reason to formulate clearly, address the right things and not lose sight of mutual interests. How do you fulfil the criteria of the research calls and bring in the optimal mix of content and knowledge, so that clear impact can be made at the end of the project?

In a proposal we discuss the benefits for science, the environment and society, technological progress, economy / competitiveness and industrial update of the research results. We write a clear dissemination plan with identification of concrete market information, such as potential market volumes, identifying markets, specific products, prices, etc.

Attention to the quality and efficiency of the implementation, a clear work plan with associated work packages, products to be delivered, management structure, milestones and procedures should not be missing. And last but not least, a balanced and justified budget and a powerfully composed consortium that includes a good balance and synergy in expertise and tasks.

More than twenty years of experience in carrying out research projects is of course useful!
If you want to know more about our current proposals, or would you like to involve us in your own idea, please contact us.

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