RE Monitoring

Collecting and monitoring sensor data

Sensors in buildings generate a lot of diverse data. For professionals, such as energy experts, it is a challenge to bring together these datasets from all these different sensors and systems to apply in other tools. RE Monitoring ensures that these different datasets become accessible and available.

Collecting data an​d making it available​

Sensor technologies are getting better and cheaper and therefore more frequently used in buildings. As a result, the amount of data is rapidly increasing. Data comes not only from sensors, but also from smart meters, wearables, and energy bills, all from different sources and available in different formats. It is often difficult to obtain the right data and interpret it in a homogeneous way.


RE Monitoring is a unique and innovative tool that greatly simplifies this process. It is designed to provide professionals, such as energy experts, with the datasets they need to use in other tools.

RE Monitoring has 3 main functionalities:

  1. Data management; providing access to data for visualisation, filtering, and validation purposes
  2. KPI calculation; visualise and download KPIs on energy, comfort, and health
  3. Compatibility with third-party tools; exporting data in the most appropriate format. This ensures correct data exchange between RE Monitoring and other software used for evaluation and analysis purposes​

For whom

RE Monitoring performs measurements over time thus providing insight into data that lead to energy savings, and actively contributing to the health of building users and occupants. For property owners and property managers, a great added value lies in this tool.

Develop​ed for EU project​

RE Monitoring was developed, under the name of Expert tool, for the EU research project Mobistyle. The tool was used in several demonstration cases in Europe to collect data from a variety of properties such as a residential area, a university building, and a hotel. The collected data could, in turn, be used by third parties as raw data or translated into KPIs.​

Innovation Radar

RE Monitoring has been included on the European Commission's website under the name of Expert tool based on its market potential. A great recognition of which we are​ very proud.

The reference of the Expert Tool on Innovation Radar's website can be found here.

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