RE Asset Management

Asset Management and infrastructure maintenance software

Large amounts of money is used in infrastructure asset management. DEMO has developed a software tool in collaboration with customers that allows parties to monitor the management process clearly, efficiently and in real-time. Whether it's a traditional collaboration or a performance contract, RE Asset Management ensures that you save money and increases the quality of your assets at the same time.
DEMO has developed RE Asset Management to survey and monitor the properties and quality of public space and infrastructure (based on CROW 323 image assessment scales). These include road paving, marking, signage and public lighting. The green elements, such as grass, plantings, trees, waterways and outdoor furniture are also included as objects. The maintenance management system includes an iPad app for field recording.

RE Asset Management ensures smarter and cheaper inspections with a higher and objective information value while also saving you a lot of work.
RE Asset Management includes:
Management of objects using the client application
  • Based on samples or manual input, an overall random gantt planning is drawn up by an administrator;
  • In the gantt planning, the resources (inspectors) are then linked;
  • The inspectors are automatically assigned to the assets and thus have access to the relevant information about the objects  linked to them on their iPad. In addition to planned assets, inspectors can also carry out ad hoc deviations.

Perform a survey on an asset using the iPad
  • Retrieving data and information on iPad;
  • Entering asset registration notifications.

Generating inspection reports by administrator
  • View reports of deviations entered by an inspector directly;
  • Validation by the administrator;
  • Inspection of assets carried out.

Analysis, control
  • Generating management information;
  • Generating process reports.

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