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Port of Rotterdam
RE Infrabeheer
The Port of Rotterdam Authority (PoR) takes care of the development, construction, management and operation of the Rotterdam port area and promotes effective, safe and efficient shipping settlement in the port of Rotterdam and the coastal start-up area. The area has a huge surface area and runs from the Wilhelminapier to the Tweede Maasvlakte. The area consists of many kilometers of roads and green strips, thousands of light towers and many other objects. The Asset Management Infrastructure department has outsourced the operational management and maintenance of the dry infrastructure for the coming years by means of a performance contract to one contractor.
For monitoring the quality of the area and the management processes within the performance contract, PoR and the contractor use RE Infrabeheer. DEMO has developed RE Infrabeheer to make the quality of the infrastructure measurable, to be able to monitor and to be able to track over time. Inspection observations are objectified by the use of image measuring scales (based on CROW image measuring scales). By sending and processing the information directly digitally from the field without a paper translation, processes are streamlined. The responsible employees can take immediate action. This evidently saves a lot of work and visibly benefits quality. RE Infrabeheer is designed to exchange documents between the client and the contractor to make processes measurable. RE Infrabeheer ensures smarter and less expensive inspections with a higher and objective information value. Agreements from performance contracts become objective and measurable. Practice has now shown that this leads to substantial cost savings.
Technical management and maintenance
For housing corporation Stek, DEMO provides various services and products to support their management and maintenance process. Stek manages about 10.000 homes in Hillegom, Lisse, Noordwijk and Teylingen and owns a small number of business premises.
In a policy note, Stek formulated the frameworks for how to deal with the technical management of their home ownership. An important part of this note is the condition assessment in accordance with NEN 2767. This is one of the pillars for the design and content of the new multi-year maintenance planning. DEMO has developed the software application RE Maintenance through years of experience (practice and theory) in the field of condition measurements according to NEN 2767, with which the process of condition measurements for maintenance is professionally supported.

RE Maintenance is part of the RE Suite, a complete software solution for real estate information management. In the meantime, RE Maintenance has been used to the full satisfaction of Stek for many years.

DEMO also assists Stek in replenishing capacity shortages in the inspection area during busy times. In addition, DEMO has carried out fire scans for a number of complexes to be renovated. The fire scan for existing homes as we use them has been developed in collaboration with Efectis (former TNO Fire Safety Centre). The review framework is the current regulation. The instrument allows weighting of identified deficiencies, as well as prioritisation and standardisation of fire safety measures. The measures to be taken to improve the shortcomings in the field of fire safety are contained in a Plan of Action including cost estimate.
We help our clients make optimal choices for creating and managing real estate.
Municipality of Krimpenerwaard
Multi-year maintenance software to gain insight into the maintenance status and budget required for the management of its real estate properties
By implementing the software tool RE Maintenance, including iPad recording module, the municipality of Krimpenerwaard can draw up management plans in a structured and simple way. For example, the inspection data from RE Maintenance can be synchronized with the iPad version. The inspector can then create, edit or delete inspection rules on site. With the iPad, photos of defects and locations can also be linked to building parts. All on-site inspections can be synchronized directly with the data in the office. RE Maintenance is equipped with a functionality to authorize this data. With the application of this software tool, the inspection is carried out entirely in accordance with the standards NEN 2767. In addition to this innovative inspection technique, the municipality also has access to RE Dashboard, a tool to monitor various data and information flows in real time. For example, they can quickly see the state of the inspection plans or what the condition score of their property property is broken down by year of construction. Such information can also be displayed in a GIS map (Geographical Information System). For example, the various real estate objects are displayed in colored icons or as pie charts on the map.

With the help of RE Maintenance, the municipality of Krimpenerwaard has up-to-date and relevant information about the municipal real estate, so that they can optimize their maintenance plans and do good analyses on the basis of which the management policy is determined. Quality is increasing and costs are decreasing.
TBV Living
Risk analysis of the existing housing stock
A corporation is at risk during the operation of its home ownership. The risks include asbestos in the home ownership, a legionella outbreak in a care flat, an employee falling from the roof down, insufficient resistance to fire transistion and fire penetration between dwellings, carbon monoxide hazard in open combustion appliances, defects in masonry anchorage or concrete damage.
TBV Wonen in Tilburg has asked DEMO to develop a Plan of Approach for mapping the risks within the existing housing stock. The collected information, risks and the resulting activities can easily be consulted digitally by the employees of TBV Wonen in the DEMO software RE Risk Analysis.

For the risk analysis per complex, information available within TBV Wonen is used with regard to masonry anchoring, installation inspections, RI&E of flat roofs, etc. In addition, fire safety inspection and asbestos inventories are carried out. For this purpose, survey software RE Opname developed by DEMO is used.

The result of the project is a risk map per complex, so that it is quickly and clearly clear what the main risks in a complex are and where the priority should be. The risk map shows which and how many risks there are, what the main shortcomings, undesirable events and situations are and what the main consequences can be. Risks that are a direct danger to the business objective of TBV Wonen light up red.
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