RE OnSite

On-site data collection inspection app

The RE OnSite app for the tablet allows you to collect, access and monitor data 'in the field'. Whether this concerns fire safety, maintenance (NEN 2767, changes, etc.), energy or other aspects, it can all be entered with the same recording software on your tablet and then synchronized with the RE Suite.
RE OnSite ensures smart and cost-effective inspections and ensures the quality of the information collected. Agreements from performance contracts become easily measurable. Information from the inspection is digitally sent and processed directly. A paper translation is no longer necessary, so that the processes are better streamlined. Co-workers can immediately start working with the information.

Exchanging information in different forms (directly or via documents) is easy with RE OnSite. Processes become measurable as a result. Practice has now shown that a lot of work is saved and quality is improved. In the end, this leads to substantial cost savings! The app is part of the RE Suite of DEMO Consultants.

GIS functionality

RE OnSite has extensive GIS functionality that can be used with different map sources and shapes, such as Apple Maps and ESRI maps. This makes the locations of the different objects easy and fast to reach. Moreover, there is no misunderstanding about the location of an asset; everything is accurately recorded.


Modules for inspection of buildings and infrastructure

The RE OnSite app currently has 4 different modules. It can be compiled for various purposes using survey module checklists. In addition, there are specific modules for Maintenance (NEN2767), Image Quality (CROW) and Supervision (management). Below is a brief description of the modules and their application.

OnSite Maintenance

Condition assessmetn and fire safety inspection on site

This module makes the inspection of buildings a lot more efficient because the inspection data and photos are entered and synchronized on site. The building parts that are linked in the RE Suite are ready for the on-site inspection. Color coding makes it clear which inspections have already been carried out and which have yet to be carried out. The checklists can be compiled and made available, allowing different types of inspections to be done. The integration of BIM models is also possible.


OnSite Image Quality

Infrastructure Management and inspection based on image measuring scales (CROW323)

The inspection of assets such as roads and street furniture in the (public) outdoor space becomes fast and efficient with the Image Quality module within RE OnSite. The assets are linked in RE Infrastructure Management and are ready for on-site inspection. Organizations that work with performance contracts have insight into the inspection data at the same time as their contractors. This module is also used successfully for the more traditional maintenance contracts. This prevents many misunderstandings and therefore errors and time loss.


OnSite Supervision

Management and on-site supervision

With this module, better and safer supervision can be carried out on construction and renovation projects. It forms a good basis for communication between the client and the contractor. By means of test plans based on the contract and specifications documents, the quality is carefully checked and documented. Functionalities such as performing samples, ad hoc testing, EXIF photos, GPS coordinates and reports make the supervision of the work more complete and faster.

OnSite Survey (Checklist Inspection)

With Survey, a user can compose questionnaires himself depending on the purpose of the inspection, such as fire scan or risk analysis, but also change in maintenance, renovation possibilities and Smart readiness of a building.

The most important advantages at a glance

  • Integration of BIM models;
  • GIS functionality (ESRI);
  • Create and enter checklists yourself;
  • Photos with EXIF information of building parts and defects;
  • The photos can be provided with notes and sketches on the spot in the photo;
  • Easy link locations to building parts/questions;
  • Easy access and consult all relevant information and documentation such as contracts and drawings on site;
  • Can also be used offline;
  • Clear and intuitive user interface;
  • Logical and convenient input screens, so that considerable time savings can be achieved on the inspection;
  • Ability to enter texts where the app types the text out for you (useful for dangerous locations);
  • Synchronization of inspection data with RE Suite;
  • Automatic detection of relevant assets and components;
  • QR code scanner.

Watch videos about RE OnSite and RE Suite here.

Case Port of Rotterdam Authority

The Asset Management Infrastructure department of the Port of Rotterdam Authority (HbR) has been working with the RE Suite since 2011. The RE Suite is used for inspections, performance monitoring and monitoring of the assets in the port area.

In order to carry out the quality measurements as accurately as possible, more data is required than just the asset data contained in RE Suite. That is why we worked on an integration with the ESRI system of the Port Authority: PortMaps. Webmaps, which are set up on the HbR side visualize data from PortMaps in RE Suite, for example project boundaries, land registry data, etc. In the office, at home and outside, users have the map data from PortMaps. On the one hand, this integration has been achieved in order to be able to carry out inspections faster and safer on location, on the other hand, the user has more (broader) information, which increases the quality and efficiency of the inspections.

In addition, RE Suite offers support in the automation chanllenge of the HbR. HbR is in the process of automating the inspection process, among other things with the help of Machine Learning. Re Suite has created a feature that can be downloaded from the built-up source file specifically selected/filtered photos in bulk, so that the models can be trained on specific damage images.


"Thanks to the integration of PortMaps (ESRI) into the RE Suite, the inspectors are enabled to carry out inspections faster and safer while also improving the quality of the inspection results (first time right)."

Marlot Shoemaker

Port of Rotterdam Authority, asset management

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of the RE Suite and how it can help you make the right choices when creating and managing your real estate? Then make an (online) appointment without obligation.

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