Software development

From standard to customization

DEMO uses the latest software development techniques and methods such as Microsoft .NET, Ajax, WPF, Xamarin, BIM, GIS, VR, AR, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Before applying these techniques in practice, they are first extensively tested by our Microsoft certified developers for practicality and stability. A lot of care is taken on the development method and modular architecture of our software.
If you want to know more about our possibilities regarding specific software needs for your buildings and / or infrastructure or for specific challenges in the field of real estate management, BIM and GIS, please feel free to contact us.

DEMO has twenty five years of experience in software development. We continuously develop the RE Suite, but we also develop software specifically at your request. These software tools range from simple applications, websites or apps to complex total systems. For example, we have been able to develop many apps, web applications and client server systems. We use standard protocols that have proven themselves in the past. We use various process forms, from the more traditional "waterfall" method to Agile Scrum processes. But always with a clear image of the desired end result. We naturally pay sufficient attention to a clear specification, functional and technical analysis and design, data modeling, coding, testing and documentation. Always with tight monitoring of the process and progress and transparent communication with the customer. A well-organized test protocol, release calendar and road map ensure a stable development environment. We develop in Microsoft .Net with Visual Studio, Xamarin, Java, SQL, No SQL, with connection to Azure, SharePoint, ESRI, Revit and open-source systems.

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