RE Dashboard

Key Performance Indicators for real estate management, asset management and performance contracts clearly visible

Being able to see the forest through the trees. That is the task we want to achieve with a multitude of information. How do you clearly visualize all relevant information? How do you combine the information in such a way that you can draw meaningful conclusions from it? How does everyone get the right information? How do you demonstrate that your organization complies with regulations and standards? In short, how do you stay in control?
A RE Suite Dashboard is a visual representation of the most important information needed to achieve one or more goals, consolidated and arranged on a single screen, so that the information can be viewed at a glance. With the information shown on the dashboard you can control and monitor your real estate using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). As a user, you can personalize your dashboard and see the information you want.

Of course, there are many possible applications for the dashboard. To name a few, you can visualize for your organization scored in terms of energy performance, what is the state of maintenance and the financial status or the performance in the field of complaint settlement. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

The dashboard is ideal for use in performance contracts (NEN 13269). The essence of a performance contract is in drawing up good and measurable agreements. With innovative recording technology, we can efficiently collect data such as performance. By showing this data on the dashboard, you have continuous insight into the current state of your real estate. This knowledge can be used directly to connect activities and actions. Many other contracts or policy objectives can be effectively demonstrated as well.

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