RE Dashboard

KPIs for property management, asset management and performance contracts clearly in view

With a multitude of data and information, the challenge is not to become overwhelmed. How do you ensure that you can draw meaningful conclusions? How does everyone get the right information? How do you prove that your organization complies with regulations and standards? In short, how do you stay in control?

​​​​​Monitoring KPIs​

​RE Dashboard is an innovative module that displays the information relevant to monitoring the status of the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a visual way on one screen. These KPIs provide the necessary information to determine whether objectives are being achieved. The dashboards can be created by yourself. You can select the KPIs you wish to monitor, and link a visual representation to it, such as a traffic light or a fuel meter. Then you can drag this into the dashboard.​


Applications RE Dashboard

​There are many possibilities for the application of the dashboard. For example, it can show your organization's customer satisfaction, its financial position, or its energy performance.


RE Dashboard and Performance Contracts (NEN 13269)

Performance contracts involve relevant and measurable agreements. The dashboard is particularly suitable for monitoring the quality of the delivered work, or other agreements.

With RE OnSite app, data about performance and other topics can be collected. By displaying these data on the dashboard, you can continuously monitor the current status. This allows you to make timely adjustments and you will never be late.


  • Dashboards can be viewed on a PC, tablet, or smartphone via the browser
  • Visualization of KPIs in various dashboard elements such as a graph, traffic light, petrol gauge, and spider diagram
  • Dashboards can be put together by yourself, by choosing a visualization for​ different indicators and dragging it into the dashboard
  • Possibility of drill-downs with a click-through of dashboard elements
  • Automatic refreshment of dashboard information
  • Possibility to set threshold values per dashboard element; when exceeded, a notification will appear on the dashboard
  • Possibility to send notification e-mails​ when thresholds are exceeded
  • Possibility to have multiple dashboards, which can also be linked together

RE Dashboard is part of RE Suite; one complete software solution for real estate information management.


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