Property management; always in control with a dashboard!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is the financial status of my real estate? What is the energy performance of my building? How do we perform in the field of complaints handling? Do we comply with laws and regulations? How does my building per​form with respect to a certain set of criteria? 

Data contains a lot of facts and measurements but can also make you feel overwhelmed to reach an insight. A clear dashboard helps you track, monitor, analyze and manage your real estate performance​. In this way, as an organization, you ensure that you achieve your objectives and take advantage of opportunities.

Steer by KPIs with targeted dashboards and reports

Real Estate Dashboards

The RE Suite provides one complete software solution with which you can collect, structure, analyze, and monitor real estate data. RE Dashboard is an innovative module within the RE Suite to unlock real estate information. The applications for the real estate dashboard are endless and each department or staff member can tailor it to the key performance indicators needed to make the right decisions.​


Documenting information in the form of clear reports is essential when managing buildings. RE Reporting is integrated and coupled with various modules of the RE Suite so reports can be generated automatically to provide useful overviews about the inspection, finance, or maintenance activities. ​


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Inspection on location with handy RE OnSite app

Inspection of fire safety, maintenance status, energy performance, or other aspects can all be performed using a tablet with the same recording software application (RE Onsite) and then synchronized with the RE Suite.

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