RE Suite for monuments

Software for inspection, management and maintenance

For the inspection and reporting on the management and maintenance of listed properties, we have developed a software version of the RE Suite. This software package works with checklists based on NEN2767 and URL 2005.


The RE Suite for Monuments addresses four key questions:

  • What is there? - inventory
  • What is the condition? - inspect
  • What needs to be done? - advise
  • What do I tell the customer? - report​

Watch the film on the procedure with RE Suite of Monuments here.


The main functionalities of RE Suite for Monuments 1.0 for efficient inspection and reporting include:

  • Defect lists to inspect and report in accordance with​ URL2005 / IHB and NEN 2767;
  • Building section decomposition in both proprietary codings and the standardised NLSfB coding;
  • Screens for floor plans to enable building sections to be inventoried and edited by location in the software;
  • Online and Offline inspections via inspection app RE Onsite;
  • Reports in own style;
  • Linking and consultation in the office and on the field of relevant documents, such as previous inspections, drawings, floor plans, contracts, etc;
  • Synchronisation of office and field work;
  • Standard remedial measures and recommendations, and ability to modify and manage these;
  • User interface with smart "explorer navigation" to be used for inspections/reports;
  • Inventory of building components including site specification;
  • Inspection authorisation and modification;
  • Various analysis options;
  • Photo management;
  • Link with SharePoint for document management;
  • Various integrated mapping systems such as Google maps, Openstreetmaps, ESRI maps;
  • Interactive reporting options that maintain the relationship with the database;
  • Version management of data and reports.​

Inventory and inspection​

The handy RE Onsite app, part of the RE Suite, allows on-site inspections to be carried out using the tablet. Inspection data and photos can be entered on site and synchronised with the RE Suite. Thus, inspection results are immediately available.

Inventories can be prepared in advance and provided with site specifications.



See the example of the Arminius Church in Rotterdam here. Note that, the links only work in combination with a licence of the RE Suite.

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