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Using BIM with real estate information management software tools

The use of BIM (Building Information Model) for management and maintenance is buzzing in the real estate world. But what does BIM have to offer in concrete terms? BIM is, apart from being a geometric representation of a building (a 3D model), an especially interesting common database of all real estate information. A big advantage is that everyone works with the same data from a BIM model and that the relevant information is easily accessible. In addition, the model offers an attractive visualization of the real estate object that can also be used by users, owners and tenants for communication purposes about the real estate object.
By using open BIM standards, your real estate information is optimally accessible.

Similarly to other sources of information, BIM must contain the information needed to support real estate processes. This often happens through the use of standards and protocols that convert the information requirements into concrete agreements. DEMO is therefore convinced and actively involved in multiple initiatives to shape this.

The NEN 2660 committee is currently setting a standard for harmonizing the structure of information systems for construction. This is driven by the current practice of systems that are often not aligned with each other. DEMO contributes to this through our software and data expertise on one hand, but also explicitly from practice and experience; ultimately, the structure and information choices at the front affect the working method in the field.

In addition, we are also affiliated with BuildingSmart, the main international BIM body. BuildingSmart's central mission is to promote transparency and cooperation in the real estate sector. This is done by defining and using open standards. This has resulted in, among other things, IFC, the most widely used BIM format for exchange between parties.

Finally, it is also important to give some practical interpretation. The BIM Basic Information Delivery Manual (IDM) (dutch: BIM Basis ILS) is an ideal starting point for this; a number of simple agreements for setting up and using BIM, coming directly from practice. DEMO is a member of the application committee, which provides advice on the use and implementation of the BIM Basis IDM.

DEMO also participates internationally in various studies with the aim of further developing and implementing BIM applications.
Curious about how you can take practical steps yourself? Please contact us to be informed.

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