RE Design

Optimization and analysis of an early stage design

RE Design is an integral BIM based software application for generating, optimizing and analyzing building designs in an early design phase. This tool is used, among other things, to compare design alternatives in the development of healthcare real estate, whereby energy consumption and total lifetime costs are immediately taken into account.
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the design is automatically configured with the spaces based on the Program of Requirements. The 3D setup is optimized with the design rules and results in a BIM model. Design can also be analyzed for aspects such as cost and energy. By using open BIM standards, your real estate information is optimally accessible.  With this tool you shorten the needed time and optimize your buildings. This is reflected in energy savings, lower initial and lifetime costs and, moreover, an increase in quality and efficiency.

RE Design for the:
- Reading a Programme of Requirements;
- Establishing design rules;
- Creating digital sketch designs;
- Early stage analysis;
- Optimization with Artificial Intelligence;
- View, analyze and export BIM model (IFC) to e.g. Revit or Briefbuilder.

In order to optimally align with existing open BIM standards and to think along in the development of it, we are a member of BuildingSmart, the developers of IFC, which is the most widely used BIM exchange format. In addition, we are an active supporter of the BIM Basis IDM, an accessible standard for BIM exchange and have integrated it into our software. Besides, we participate in the NEN standards committee and support building element and material classification based on the NLSfb. RE Design contains a complete integration with Briefbuilder. The software solution to draw up and manage programs of requirements.

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