RE Design

Optimization and analysis of building design at an early stage

RE Design is an integral BIM-based software application for generating, optimizing, and analyzing building designs at an early design stage. This tool can be used to compare design alternatives when developing healthcare properties, while directly including energy consumption and total lifetime costs.

How RE Design Works

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), a number of design variants including rooms are automatically configured based on a product requirements document and design rules. The final result is a BIM model.


The Process:

  • Reading the schedule of requirements
  • Defining design rules
  • Creation of digital design sketches
  • Early analysis of costs, energy, and quality (between design variants)
  • Optimization with Artificial Intelligence; variants are compared until the best design is found
  • Displaying, analyzing, and exporting BIM models (IFC)



  • BIM models exported from RE Design can be read directly by Revit and Archicad
  • BIM models from RE Design can be directly used ​to generate an MJOB in RE Maintenance
  • RE Design can make a Life Cycle Costs (LCC)​ calculation in accordance with NEN 15686
  • RE Design has a direct link to read Product Requirements Document (PRD) from Briefbuilder

NB: For now, this application is only available for healthcare property development. In the future, it will be available for other building types such as court buildings, parking lots,​ and bank buildings.

RE Design is part of RE Suite; one complete software solution for property information management.


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