Inspection apps

Convenient inspections apps for effective and efficient surveys and inspections

DEMO has various apps for consulting real estate information on site.
In addition, you can also record and register all kinds of information with the apps from the RE Suite. From inventories, baseline measurements, inspections, surveys and verifications to audits.
The RE OnSite survey and inspection app allows you to collect, access, display and monitor data 'in the field'. Whether this concerns fire safety, condition measurement (NEN 2767), energy, mutation maintenance or other aspects.  It can all be entered on your tablet with the same survey and inspection software. From simple checklists to the complete integration of BIM models!

This app specially developed for tablets is fully integrated into the RE Suite. For example, the inspection data from RE OnSite can be synchronized so that you and others can immediately continue working with it via other RE Suite parts. You can create, change or delete inspection data. In addition, with the iPad you can easily link photos of defects and locations to building parts/questions. The RE Suite has a functionality to authorize this data.

RE OnSite survey and inspection app has a clear user interface. You can also work without an internet connection. Various color coding indicates what you still need to do, what has already been executed etc. Simple screens make it easier for you as an inspector to perform a quick inspection. As an example, the app has the ability to convert speech into text. You indicate in the app when your inspection is completed, so that it can be used immediately for further analysis. That's handy!

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