Housing corporations

Housing associations help deliver performance

The Dutch government believes corporations should perform to their potential. In doing so, corporations are given a broad role by the same government as social entrepreneurs and investors. Corporations differ in the way they contribute to solving social issues. However, they have one thing in common, the need for knowledge and tools that enable them to handle data in the right way. DEMO Consultants provide corporations with required knowledge and tools.
It is a challenge for corporations to see the forest through the trees. What data do I need? How do I collect it? And how does everyone get the right information? That is quite a task when you are dealing with a lot of data and complex information. DEMO and RE Suite help you implement a stable real estate information management system step-by-step. For years we have been providing a package of services and products that support and optimize the real estate management of housing corporations. This starts with the collection of data - we are specialized in maintenance (NEN2767) and fire safety, and continues with advising and supporting the structuring and analysis of it. This is done using our RE suite solution.

Renewed RE Suite for accountability Aw-WSW

Consultants at DEMO Consultants have been at the cradle of the condition assessment in the Netherlands and Europe and still contribute to the further development of NEN 2767 and NTA 8026. The RE Suite and in particular the planning software RE Maintenance are entirely compliant with it.

In recent years, the Housing Associations Authority (Aw) and the Social Housing Guarantee Fund (WSW) have increased cooperation to make supervision of the corporation sector more effective and efficient. The Aw-WSW joint assessment framework has been in force since 1 January 2019. This development has prompted us to review the functionalities that the RE Suite offers and improve them where necessary or possible.

In the context of the assessment of the portfolio strategy of housing corporations, these must indicate, among other things, the condition in which the property is in. With RE Maintenance, the condition could already be determined at different levels, but it turned out that there are many questions regarding determining aggregated condition scores for vhe's or complexes. RE Suite and RE Maintenance were therefore expanded in 2019 to support housing corporations even better in the accountability to Aw-WSW.

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