Municipalities, Provinces and central government

DEMO offers added value for every layer of government. Assignments for governments range from collecting real estate data (surveys and inspections) to providing systems for guidance to the real estate information.

The issues at the various governments are diverse, but the DEMO approach to collecting, structuring, analyzing and displaying data and information applies to all. With this approach we ensure full insight and overall control over the issues.
Municipalities produce many products, from a passport to ready-to-build land permission. The number of products is large and diverse. DEMO supports the municipalities with advice and tools to manage their own real estate portfolio. DEMO carries out NEN 2767 inspections for many municipalities for drawing up Multi-Year Maintenance Plans (MJOP) for real estate. DEMO ensures adequate coordination between the MJOP of the individual objects and the total real estate portfolio. DEMO Software does the rest. DEMO also offers planeconomic services and software tools such as RE GREX to help shape the tasks of the municipal land company. Several municipalities use RE Assetmanagement to manage the infrastructure.

Provinces manage large areas with roads and other civil infrastructure. All provincial roads are managed by the provinces. Due to the increase, provinces outsource the entire management and maintenance to contractors in performance contracts. DEMO provides software for the planning and execution of inspections, facilitating audits, monitoring contracts and providing real-time insight into the quality and defects of the assets. DEMO also assists provinces in structuring land exploitation and real estate inspections.

The Dutch Governmental Building Agency (Rvb) has been using the Calculation Model Rijksgebouwendienst (RMR) for years. DEMO has developed the model together with the Rvb. With the RMR, the Rvb can easily determine the Life Cycle Costs (LCC) of real estate and then define a cost-covering rent from it.

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