Keep European roads and railways robust against climate change and human safety risk in the future

Climate change is increasingly affecting our daily lives due to higher temperatures, greater temperature differences, increased storms, heavy rains, and periods of drought. Our roads and railways are also suffering from extreme weather and ageing. This natural phenomenon, together with higher traffic taxes and risks of attacks, poses a serious threat to Europe's infrastructure. Infrastructure owners and managers should therefore be able to respond to incidents faster and more adequately, and better respond to dynamic maintenance plans.
In these changing circumstances, traditional calculation models do not provide sufficient insight and support in decision-making in relation to risks and costs around the measures for the sustainable functioning of our infrastructure. There is an urgent need for reliable analysis based on long-term statistics and inspection data as well as real-time data via satellites, sensors, car navigation, and social media. To meet this need, the EU safeway project develops innovative methods and tools for predictive maintenance by using Big Data analytics in combination with 3D geo-information (GIS) technology.
As a core partner in the project consortium with a total of 16 international partners, DEMO is responsible for the development of a new information management system for robust infrastructure. In the Netherlands, this research project is supported by TomTom, Rijkswaterstaat, Provincie Noord-Holland, Van Gelder, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, and ProRail.

Twitter: @SAFEWAY_eu

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