RE Risk

Risk analysis and management software

Property managers are placing increasing emphasis on result-oriented work and managing financial risks. RE Risk tool manages risks and costs and monitors quality levels of real estate.
Risk management is a continuous process that identifies, assesses, controls and monitors risks. A risk can be defined as the probability (uncertainty) of an unwanted event multiplied by the impact of this unwanted event. By definition, formulating (maintenance) policies and making strategic choices for the future takes place in a context of uncertainty; after all, the future is unknown and therefore uncertain.

Our experience shows that for risk-driven technical management, a simple, pragmatic approach leads to the best results. In this way you can create a more efficient and effective process for the technical maintenance process. RE Risk is an indispensable tool. The risks in a object are inventoried using specific test lists available within our survey software RE Survey. With the help of the RE Risk application, you can analyze the collected data and translate it into risk scores and risk cards.

Avoid unnecessary risks and get in touch to discuss how to minimize the risks at your organization.

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