Be prepared, be connected, be informed

The next 10 years will bring more changes than the previous 50 years, providing both challenges and opportunities. The world will face strong climate and demographic changes, with a strong focus on sustainability & energy efficiency. Reliability, availability and security of new and existing buildings and infrastructure as well as data and information are becoming increasingly important. The entry of various technologies such as digitization, mobilization, artificial intelligence, platformification, virtualization and robotization are the drivers of an ever-changing virtual and physical environment. The future is no longer just an extension of the present.
Anything that can be digitized will be digitized. Anything that can be automated will be automated. And everything that cannot be digitized or automated is becoming increasingly valuable: trust, ethics, context, purpose, meaning, relevance and connection.
Data is the new oil and information is the new electricity. More and more data is becoming available, from society, governments, companies, users, buildings and infrastructure. Inspections and surveys are becoming more and more intelligent. The ICT tools and techniques develop quickly and become more extensive, powerful and effective. Data exchange is increasingly automated. The ICT infrastructure is becoming more mature. The interpretation and analysis of data and the conversion of data into information is based on the combination of knowledge of the context, human insight and digital techniques and tools.  The speed and ease with which data transformed into information can be used will become increasingly important. This will make the difference in the sustainable and optimal creation and management of real estate.
Because this data and information form the basis for making the right real estate-related decisions, they must be usable and quickly accessible. The controlled, efficient and effective displaying of the information is essential. The need for this will be further increased by changing cooperation models and contract forms.
DEMO exists and develops for its customers. To help you make the best decisions in real estate. Trust is the key word here. DEMO is convinced that it fulfils its bestowed trust at all times.

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