We help you make optimal decisions in creating and managing real estate

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With good real estate information management DEMO contributes to a safe, healthy, sustainable and enjoyable life, work, travel and transportation in a changing world.
Real Estate owners, managers and users are continuously faced with choices about how to optimally handle their real estate. For a single building or piece of infrastructure or their total portfolio or acreage. Is the property functional, safe, energy efficient, clean, properly maintained, financially sound, complies with the regulations and is it future-proof?

At strategic, tactical and operational level, choices must be made and processes monitored. To make the right choices and monitor processes, you need the right real estate information. Not too much, not too little, up-to-date and usable and preferably financially profitable. If you know what information you need, then you also know what useful data you need to collect and keep up-to-date to get that information. The data must be useful, complete, correct, uniform and transparent. In addition to the ability to ask the right questions, professional real estate and ICT knowledge, software and systems are vital.
DEMO helps its customers by developing and delivering services and systems that consistently answer various real estate questions from various users at the right time, in the right place, and in an understandable way at the lowest possible cost.

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