Core values

Committed, Professional, Resourceful, Inspiring

Our focus is on helping to solve our customers' problems. We give space to craftsmanship, knowledge development and product innovation. Our integrity code serves as a basis for business decisions and activities.
We strive for sustainable relationships with our customers and cooperation partners. We always work with our core values of paramount importance, both internally and externally.
Being connected, both internally and externally. There's more than just having a business relationship with each other. The ideas of others, their motivations, similarities but also differences make it interesting. It enriches. The drinks, winter sports, lunch, marathon, joint (multidisciplinary) projects, interest in each other, wanting to do things together - we think that is important. We want to know what we do it for or for whom, but also what motivates them (people and companies). Interest in another and knowing how the other person is doing, the well-being of people and organizations. And we feel involved. We also want to know what we can contribute. Involvement makes the work more enjoyable, valuable and therefore usually brings more satisfaction. The importance of balance between EQ and IQ.

Alone you go faster, but together you reach further

Doing things right. Say what you do, do what you say. Being reliable, meeting agreements, not just shouting, but thinking, consulting, considering, building routine, efficient and effective. Deliver quality. Not only for your own sake, not only in the short term, but also for the long term and mutual interest. Intelligent people who think about why they do their job and how they do it and not just because it's always done that way, or because someone else says so. Down-to-earth, not arrogant, collaborating with each other. Not chaotic, systematic approach, thinking about the current issue, but also the next step. Be proactive. Well-educated people academically and/or in practice. Expertise. Take each other seriously. Aesthetics and logic. Where necessary, sometimes flexible and sometimes persistent. Stand by your own ideas and be open to those of others. Entrepreneurship and taking responsibility.

There is always room for improvement

The more curious you are, the more you will search, the more you may find. The better you can search, the more you'll find. Come up with ideas and solutions where others can't get any further. By combining / connecting methods, tools, disciplines, data, information and organizations, new insights and creative solutions will emerge. Creativity flows by applying knowledge and skills in new situations. But for that you have to have that knowledge and skills (professionalism). Do not change because of the change, but because sometimes there is a need to do so or there is simply room for improvement. Combining two disciplines (real estate management and computerisation) leads to new expertise, insights and possibilities. Restriction (imposition) leads to creativity, a changed mindset, manner, out-of-the-box approach leads to creativity. Work hard, play hard! Making complex things simple. Being able to cope well with scarcity. Come up with a solution or an answer by putting  your neck in the line, where others don't. And so others will not come up with such solutions either. Enterpreneurship and taking responsibility.

If you want to do something, you will find a way, if you don't want to do anything, you will find an excuse

Energize people and getting organizations motion. To be right is different from being seen right. It should be mentioned immediately that it is not the most important thing to be seen right, but to convince people / an organization to go along with something, to develop to change. Provided you believe in it yourself. And so also others to start believing in it. Ideas are beautiful, but without execution, they remain ideas. How do you get something moving? By believing in it, persuading it and going for it. With each other!

Being visible offers insight into opportunities

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