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DEMO Consultants delivers innovative, reliable and user-friendly software products developed in a close collaboration with its clients. Entuhusiastic  end-users ensure that DEMO's software is always updated to suit their changing requirements. To facilitate you to in an optimal way DEMO has available for its clients an Online Customer Support and a telephone helpdesk.

DEMO always uses the latest techniques in the field of software development, such as Microsoft.NET, Ajax, WPF, IOS Object - C, Xamarin. Before applying these techniques in our solutions, they are extensively tested by our Microsoft certified developers regarding practicality and stability. Significant attention and effort are dedicated to the ensuring of a solid development method and the stability of the modular architecture of our software.

Check out the links below for a glance into the most used software products for Real Estate Information Management:

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​ RE Suite Complete software solution for Real Estate Information Management
  • RE Maintenance -  Software maintenance planning based on NEN 2767 (MYMP)
  • RE Energy - Software for energy performance  and optimization
  • RE Property control - Instruments for integral financial real estate control
  • RE Asset Management Infra - Software for management and maintenance of infrastructure
  • RE GREX - Software for land development
  • RE Risk Management - Software for risk analysis
  • RE Dashboard - Real time monitoring via Key Performance Indicators
  • RE 3D - IFC, gbXML and CityGML viewer for BIM models
  • RE Survey - App for effective survey and inspection

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​​'Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees. How does everyone get the exact piece of information that he needs? DEMO and RE Suite help you to formulate a step-by-step implementation of a stable system for Real Estate Information Management.'

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