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​​Research NL projects


DEMO Consultants conducts research on the side of research institutions and government agencies. Much of this research focuses on sustainable development, energy efficiency and the combination of technology with socioeconomic factors.

Usually, for large-scale research, DEMO collaborates with universities and fellow consultants in a research consortium. DEMO has a lot of experience with the European Research Programs and with Dutch research projects, financed by the Dutch Government’s Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation  (TKI).

Currently, we are part of the following Dutch projects, carried out within the Energy Topsector:

Treco Office This project focuses on acquiring detailed knowledge upon the actual energy consumption of offices and public buildings as well as the relationship between all the parameters that influence this consumption, targeting an optimization of them in such a way that can make buildings more energy-efficient. Read here more about Treco Office or visit the project's website

Opschaler The purpose of this research is to develop tools for households, owner's associations, housing corporations and municipalities, on the basis of energy consumption related data from smart energy meters, in such a way that they better understand the real saving potentials in existing homes, thus eliminating barriers to investment in energy conservation. Read here more about Opschaler or visit the project's website. ​​

Ccheck out the recent research projects of DEMO:

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