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2015 - present

Inception: Innovatie in 3D-modellering van het cultureel erfgoed door integrale benadering voor tijddynamische 3D-reconstructie ​​

INCEPTION realises innovation in 3D modelling of cultural heritage through an inclusive approach for time-dynamic 3D reconstruction of artefacts, built and social environments. It enriches the European identity through the understanding of how European cultural heritage continuously evolves over long periods of time. 

Inception's integrated approach aims to achieve a technological breakthrough by linking 3D modelling to the time dimension. The INCEPTION "Time Machine" that represents an innovative use of time-scale for dynamic 3D reconstruction with emphasis on how the modelled cultural heritage evolves over time in association with its built and social environments;

This project targets as end-users government agencies, municipalities, monumental and museums related authorities. The methods and tools developed by INCEPTION will be accessible to all types of users; from scientist to managers and from the government to citizen. INCEPTION techniques and technologies will be tested, validated and demonstrated at various cultural heritage sites in Europe.

In INCEPTION, DEMO has a leading role in hardware, software, 3D BIM, website and online collaboration platform. We also contribute to the dissemination of the knowledge gained from the project, the practical applicability of real estate parties, and we coordinate the Dutch stakeholders with respect to cultural heritage.

Interested? For more information on the asset management tool developed in INCEPTION watch this video

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