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2016 - present

P2Endure promotes Plug-and-Play product and process innovation for Energy-efficient building deep renovation

Toolset to improve the energy efficiency of the built environment.

In a consortium of four European partners, we are committed to promoting innovative integrated hardware and software solutions resulting from EU research (in the EU). In particular, simulation, inspection and monitoring techniques for building energy performance by means of drones, sensors, building management systems and of course software tools like RE Suite.

Enginency project will make a major contribution to the energy efficiency of buildings and small neighbourhoods through new instruments and methods of inspection, modelling, monitoring and simulation. Enginency will help to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of buildings, in the technical, economic and social fields and reduce CO2 emissions. The Enginency project focuses on both new and existing buildings. The results of Engenency support sustainability managers through the integration of energy audit with an integrated toolset to inspect, measure, and control buildings.​

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