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BIM Speed

2018 - present

The EU research project BIM Speed started in November 2018. The project concerns the development and application of BIM for renovation projects in residential construction.

The majority of the existing residential buildings have reached the age of renovation: 90% of the total stock was built before 1990 and more than 75% of the total floor area of ​​the existing stock can be attributed to residential buildings.

Moreover, society is becoming increasingly aware of the negative environmental impact of our environment. In this combination lies a huge challenge; how can we improve the performance of our building stock on such a scale?

The Horizon2020 project BIM-SPEED wants to meet this challenge by developing a combination of methods and tools with one central information source as core: the Building Information Model (BIM), a digital representation of a building. This model will be the catalyst for a smarter, more efficient method of thorough renovation for the residential buildings sector.

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