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​​​Technical advice


DEMO consults ​​on the technical and physical aspects of the management of r​​​e​​sidential and non-residential ​buildings such as schools, nursing homes, hospitals, offices, universities and sports facilities, as well as civil infrastructure.


DEMO inspects according to NEN 2767 Condition Assessment, sets up maintenance budgets, advises on energy and fire safety and about cultivation  and  maintenance of the real estate. DEMO uses its own developed software programs for these activities. For maintenance planning, this is the RE Maintenance package that fully complies with the Condition Assesment Standards (NEN 2767). In addition to the multi-annual maintenance planning software tool, there is also ​software available for Risk Analysis, Fire Scan, Infrastructure Management, EPBD​-Surveys​and Energy Certificate Management. DEMO specializes in performing quality audits, monitoring research and technical benchmarking of real estate portfolios. For the various types of recordings and inspections, DEMO has developed smart apps that make the inspection process in many ways much more effective.


​For more detailed information about our fire safety advice check out our Leaflet fire safety scan​.

Information about the software​

​​​​We consider the implementation of an assigment as a self-evident part of a consultancy service.

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