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​​​​​​​Strategic ​management

​DEMO consults​ housing corporations, municipalities and investors in the field of Real Estate policy and strategic portfolio management. Our motto is maintain, improve and expand. 

Value based analysis, risk management and optimization of the decision support system for investment reccomendation are key drivers to efficiently outline a steering policy. Accordingly, important choices must be made on several levels. 

The key questions are: 

  • How can I structure and round up my property portfolio? 
  • Does this match my mission and vision?
  • What are my investment options for land and real estate development?
  • How do I ensure that the maintenance policy is in line with my strategic goals? 
  • How can I cultivate my real estate leads?  

DEMO supports you in the following areas: 

  • Real estate policy and strategic portfolio management
  • ​​Policy planning maintenance and safety 
  • Planning and real estate economics 
  • Interim management​​​

We consider the implementation of an opinion as a self-evident part of a​consultancy ​assignment.

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