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Inventory and inspection​


DEMO is continuously looking for efficient ways to manage real estate information practically for its clients. Inventory and inspection form the basis for collecting and disclosing real estate information. The question of how the process of inspection and inventory (data acquisition) can be addressed as effective as possible and how innovative technologies can help us towards that.


Based on our inspection-related experience and knowledge developed in EU projects, we analyze with you what your information needs are and we consult you on how to acquire it. With the complete software toolset RE Suite, you can collect, structure, analyze, and disclose your real estate information. Survey apps on the iPad make it possible to collect and retrieve your real estate data on-site.​

Examples from practice

DEMO Consultants has developed an app that lets you quickly and efficiently perform condition assessment with your iPad (eg NEN 2767). Inventories (quantities) for the scheduled objects are automatically retrieved from the server and the user can enter inspection rules (condition, defects, activities, funds, work types, etc.) and provide photos. The surveyed data is returned via 3 and 4G to the server for authorization by the administrator. Based on inspection data from the iPad, a multi-annual maintenance planning can be prepared. Paperwork belongs forever to the past. This app works in combination with the RE Maintenance application from the RE Suite.​​

To keep data and information regarding your assets, for example, infrastructural assets up to date, the RE Asset Management Infra software can help you make changes to your existing assets records, or add new assets to the database. Due to the help of DEMO software and a wide range of footage, such as high-resolution aerial photographs, infrastructure assets from office can be inspected by desk research. Additionally, field inspections are performed using an iPad on site to update the database.

For 3D data acquisition, we combine the latest technologies and trends in the field of IFC and other BIM standards from our EU research projects, with the needs of our clients in the Netherlands for practical applications. We can adjust in various ways (visual, 3D scan, FlexiJet) to semi-automated 3D / BIM models. These models are managed as IFC models, so they can be used as a carrier of relevant Real Estate information.

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