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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​BIM for maintenance management


BIM is a term that can be explained and applied in many different ways. A common mistake is that BIM is just considered to be a 3D model of a building. It is much more than that.


The essence of BIM is that all information about a building is not linked to the objects and components in drawings but in databases. In addition to the architectural and geometric information, other features such as cost, planning, process information, condition or occupation can also be linked (4D to nD). In this way, integration of all relevant Real Estate Information into a building's entire life cycle takes place, from design to demolition. This also makes the management and maintenance of a building more efficient, cheaper and more transparent.

The integration of BIM and the extensive capabilities of our Real Estate Information software RE Suite makes it possible to (semi) automatically generate a multi-annual maintenance plan.  Fire safety, risk analysis and energy, are integrated via BIM-based design in our software.

DEMO provides practical advice on launching BIM implementations. Clearly structuring and synchronizing what you want to achieve is essential. What do you want to improve and how can it be implemented step by step? We can help you with this process; to not force ​​yourself to achieve everything at once, but to take the first steps on the road to implementing BIM.

In addition, DEMO offers close collaboration with 3D model owners and our RE Suite software to implement the entire BIM management and maintenance process.​​



The RE Suite is BIM compatible. We have developed our software in such a way that it can use various open BIM standards including IFC (2x3 and 4). The NEN 2767 inspections we perform with our RE applications can be based on available IFC models through our RE Maintenance software. We have been conducting European studies for over 20 years;  IFC had a key role in many projects. We currently have several EU research projects, in which we further develop our software and work on the implementation of open BIM standards (IFC, gbXML, CityGML, COINS, Visi, etc.). We work very closely with research institutes known as IFC innovators like the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, TNO, CSTB and several other partners from the BuildingSmart network. BuildingSmart is the association that manages the IFC standard.

We combine the latest studies and trends in the field of IFC and other BIM standards from our EU surveys,​ with the needs of our clients in the Netherlands for practical applications. We can adjust in various ways (visual, 3D scan, FlexiJet) in order semi-automatically updated 3D / BIM models to make. These models are managed as IFC models, so that they can be used as a carrier of relevant Real Estate Information. DEMO is continuously looking for efficient ways to establish Real Estate Information in a practical way for its clients.​​

Read more about our software regarding BIM and IFC, gbXML en CityGML viewing.

BIM model kantoor DEMO
Koppeling IFC aan RE Maintenance

​​​DEMO expertise covers different disciplines and that is why we can provide decision support based on technical, financial and organizational perspectives.

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