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Risk analysis of existing housing stock - TBV Wonen

A corporation faces risks while performing real estate related operations. Some of these risks could be related, for example, to asbestos in the property, an outbreak of legionella in the healthcare building, a worker falling off the roof, insufficient fire resistance and fire-protection between homes, carbon monoxide hazards in open combustion plants, defects in masonry related to mortar or concrete deterioration.

TBV Wonen from Tilburg has asked DEMO Consultants to work out an approach for mapping the risks within the existing housing stock. The collected information, risks and the resulting activities can be easily consulted digitally by TBV Wonen employees using DEMO's software RE Risk Analysis.

Risk analysis per complex uses TBV Wonen information available for masonry anchorage, installations, Risk Inventory & Evaluation of flat roofs, etc. In addition, fire safety inspections and asbestos inventories are performed. For this purpose, RE Survey software that has been developed by DEMO is used.

The result of the project is a risk map per complex, which quickly makes clear what the most important risks are in a complex and where the priority should be. The risk chart shows which and how many risks there are, what are the main shortcomings, unwanted events and situations and what are the most important potential consequences. The risks that can have a high impact on TBV Wonen's business objective, are highlighted.

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