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Technical management and maintenance

For the housing corporation Stek, DEMO supplies various services and products to support their management and maintenance related process. Stek manages approximately 6,700 dwellings in Hillegom, Lisse and Teylingen and has a small number of business premises.

Stek has set out in a policy memorandum how to deal with the technical management of its real estate. An important part of this note is the condition assessment with respect to NEN 2767. 

This is one of the pillars of the design and the content of the new multi-annual maintenance planning. Through years of experience (practical and theoritical) in terms of condition measurements according to NEN 2767, DEMO has developed the software application RE Maintenance, which supports the maintenance condition process for professionals.​

RE Maintenance is part of RE Suite, a complete software application for Real Estate Information Management. RE Maintenance has been used satisfactorily by Stek for years.​

We also assist Stek with inspection capacity when needed in busy periods.

'In order to make the inspection methodology more consistent, we have transitioned to condition assessments according to NEN 2767 and have started using the RE Maintenance software. The records are immediately available digitally and the data is automatically processed in the multi-annual maint​enance budget. RE Maintenance is a very user-friendly program. The service and support of DEMO staff is good and fast. DEMO is clear in his appointments and is also very reflective. '

Martha Slootweg
Project leader at Stek Wonen

In addition, DE MO has performed fire scans for a number of estates that were listed as ones to be renovated. The fire scan for existing dwellings, as we use it, was developed in collaboration with Efectis (former Fire Safety Center of TNO). The checking framework is the current regulations. The instrument allows the weighting of identified shortcomings, as well as the prioritization and standardization of the fire safety measures. The measures to be taken as recommendations to improve the shortcomings regarding fire safety are included in a Plan of Approach including cost related estimations.

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