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Management and Maintenance supported by DEMO​

SCW manages approximately 3,500 homes and has been a trusted client of DEMO since 2008. We have conducted inspections, condition measurements and fire safety investigations for Tiel housing corporation. SCW has also been working satisfactorily for years with our RE Maintenance software tool.​

Multi-annual Maintenance Planning is the tool to control risks and costs of maintenance and to monitor quality levels of real estate. DEMO Consultants has been one of the pioneers of the condition measurement in the Netherlands and Europe and has subsequently contributed to the development of NEN 2767. We have been advising in the field of maintenance management and technical management for years. The planning software RE Maintenance has also proved to be an indispensable tool for SCW Tiel.

The basis for managing costs is already set in budgeting.’​​

Annie Selles
Employee Information Management and Quality Assurance

In collaboration with SCW, RE Maintenance activities are supported by the systematic provision of cost numbers, which also shows the origin of the cost numbers in RE Maintenance. The availability of this information at the operational level will increase the quality of the budget and give employees more "feeling" with the amounts.

As a consequence of SCW's participation in our users community, DEMO remains aware of potentially changing user's requirement and accordingly we can update the software continuously.

This project has been nominated for the CorporatieNL Digital Awards 2017 in the category 'Most Innovative Product'. Read more 


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