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Inventory of the infrastructure assets in the port area of ​​Rotterdam

December 2014

An up-to-date database of infrastructure assets in the port (for example, light masts, roads and pavements, road signs and vegetation) is essential for the Port of Rotterdam. This is the basis for accurate asset management.

The size of the port area covers approximately 12,500 ha (land and water) and counts about 120 thousand assets (dry infrastructure) in the management system. In order to effectively control these amounts of data, DEMO has configured and expanded the existing RE Asset Management Infra software in such a way that it is now easy for the inspectors of the Port of Rotterdam to make changes to the existing assets and add new assets to the database themselves. With the help of DEMO's software and by using effectively the available resources, such as high-resolution aerial photographs, most of the port area can be inspected from the office through desk research. Additionally, field inspections are performed using an iPad on site to update the database.

Due to DEMO's innovative software and practical application, Port of Rotterdam can effectively control this process and assure the quality of the database.


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