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​The new municipality of Krimpenerwaard works with the ​multi-annual maintenance software of DEMO ​


Since summer 2015, the municipality of Krimpenerwaard has been working with DEMO's multi-annual maintenance software to gain insight into the maintenance status and budget needed for managing its real estate assets. The municipality of Krimpenerwaard has been formed since January 1, 2015, merging together Nederlek, Bergambacht, Schoonhoven, Vlist and Ouderkerk. Due to this merge, the total amount of buildings and objects in the municipality of Krimpenerwaard currently is around 130 units.

By implementing the software tool RE Maintenance, including the use of the iPad survey module, the municipality of Krimpenerwaard can generate management plans in a structured and simple way. For example, the inspection data from RE Maintenance can be synchronized with the iPad app. The inspector can then create, mutate or delete inspection rules. With the iPad, photos of defects and locations can also be linked to building components. All on-site data can be synchronized directly with the off site information. RE Maintenance has a functionality that allows authorizing this data. With the implementation of this software tool, the inspection is carried out in full compliance with the NEN 2767 standard.

'…RE Suite is a practical and user-friendly program, designed by DEMO Consultants at the re​quest of the client. Also the technical service and good co-operation deserve credits…'

Leon Hoegee van IBCB Bouwcare
Project coordinator

​In addition to this innovative inspection technology, the municipality also has access to RE Dashboard, a tool for monitoring real-time data and information streams. For example, they can quickly see what is happening with the inspection plans or how the condition score of their property is related​ to the year of construction. Such information may also be displayed on a GIS map (Geographic Information System). For example, the different property objects are displayed in coloured icons or as pie charts on the map.

With the help of RE Maintenance, the municipality of Krimpenerwaard offers up-to-date and relevant information about its assets so that the maintenance plans can be optimized and efficient analyses can be obtained based on the management policy. Quality increases and costs decrease.

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