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​​Land Management System RE GREX in Almere


The municipality of Almere is pursuing a strong growth objective. In the coming decades, the municipality will conduct an active policy to complete the housing project for the northern Randstad in cooperation with the national authorities. An average of 1,500 lots is sold annually for the development of housing construction. Land exploration processes have an important role to reach that ambitious objective of the municipality of Almere, but at the same time are expensive.

The municipality of Almere has been working with RE GREX since 2012. The land management system enables Almere to manage its portfolio in a smart and effective way. The municipality has insight into the exact state of the land operations and the financial progress,  real-time and on demand.

Financial aspects of land management are essential and therefore, Almere Municipality has chosen RE GREX. RE GREX enables the user to have a proper project administration that can be used as an insight into the realization requirements at any time. The difference with an accounting software is the ability to count on long-term aspects of projects. All possible interest rates are taken into account. In addition, it is possible to work with different variants and scenarios.

​‘We chose RE GREX following a ​​methodical tender. When we have started  using the system, we were impressed by the efficient and involved manner in which DEMO has developed this. DEMO listens to the client and is able to provide the right advice at the right time​’.​

Anjo van der Burgt
Coordinator Planeconomics
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Delftechpark 10 | 2628 XH Delft
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