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Referentie Lefier


​Lefier – Real Estate manager​

Lefier has been working on condition assessments for ten years, including surveys for processes related inventory data and inspection related results, using RE Maintenance software for their multi-annual maintenance planning.  DEMO has trained Lefier employees in the condition assessment with respect to NEN 2767 in combination with the software application RE Maintenance.

In 2012, Lefier asked DEMO to review its condition assessment and maintenance planning. DEMO has verified the condition assessment related measurements and multi-annual maintenance plans in terms of reliability, completeness and accuracy of their inventories. DEMO has also examined whether the current procedures and agreements regarding inspections and maintenance planning have been adequately elaborated and recorded. This has led to the development of an inspection protocol that guarantees the quality of Lefier's inspections. In addition, DEMO has given the training to keep the knowledge about RE Maintenance within Lefier  up-to date .

'Lefier condition assessment inspections are performed on an iPad. At one click, the inspection data are sent back to the office where they can be authorized or modified. Working with RE Maintenance provides efficient reporting and a good overview of the maintenance related budget and planning.'

Susan, Project Officer at Lefier​

Lefier also uses the RE Maintenance mobile app. The implementation of the app in the inspection and maintenance process has been successful and the Maintenance app is being deployed. This special design of the developed iPad module is fully integrated into RE Suite. For example, the inspection data from RE Maintenance is synchronized with the iPad version. RE Maintenance has a functionality that allows authorizing this data. The DEMO mobile app makes it possible to work more efficiently and faster on real estate management. Thanks to its team of expert professionals, Lefier is up-to date regarding the maintenance needs of its assets and the release of the relevant required information.

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