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Synergy of software and advice on deltaWonen

DEMO is unique in terms of expertise and knowledge. This is fully reflected in the diversity of services and products we provide to deltaWonen. Deltawonen is one of the largest housing associations with 15,000 homes in the region of Zwolle and the surrounding area.

DeltaWonen has been using the software application RE Maintenance for years, including the DEMO mobile app for planning and scheduling maintenance plans. These tools easily generate multi-annual maintenance plans and associated budgets. The module that was developed specifically for the iPad works fully integrated into the RE Suite. For example, the inspection data from RE Maintenance can be synchronized with the iPad version. RE Maintenance has a functionality to authorize this data. Thanks to the DEMO mobile app you can work more efficiently and faster on real estate management.

To keep the knowledge of DeltaWonen's staff, in terms of condition assessment according to NEN 2767, up to date, DEMO has provided training courses. DEMO has been a key formulator of the NEN standard, so it is highly skilled in transferring knowledge based on its expertise in this field. 

"RE Maintenance gives us a​​ fast and clear insight into the condition of our property and the estimated maintenance related budget​. Due to the addition of ​​the mobile app, the concept of the paper survey list will be past and together with it the manual mutation of data. "


'With the conducted fire safety investigation, DEMO shows that it has a wide range of expertise'.

Henk Schapink
Consultant strategic asset management and maintenance

DEMO has written a second opinion upon the Boeier (Residential Foundation Philadelphia Care). DEMO has reviewed the findings of another fire safety investigation and the fire safety measures​ and has given DeltaWonen​ advice on the work to be carried out accordingly.

DEMO has also set up a policy directive for deltaWonen regarding the fire safety of their entire real estate. The purpose of the advice is to clarify the fire safety level of existing assets and business premises. Subsequently, DEMO will draw up fire safety goals and the associated consequences for the existing building property in a Proposed Plan of Improvement.​

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