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DEMO Trends Newsletter spring 2018 out!



We have got news for you!!

In the newsletter DEMO Trends March 2018 we inform you about general trends, our projects and new developments in real estate information management. Learn all about our 'innovation cycle', the possibilities of various software tools developed in EU projects, our role in solving earthquake damage and improving fire safety.

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Second workshop BIM for healthcare


​On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, the second interactive design workshop BIM of the European research project Streamer took place. The workshop was organized by Rijnstate (Arnhem) in collaboration with the consortium partners. It was a successful day with very enthusiastic reactions from the participants afterwards.​

During this workshop we shared the results of the four-year international STREAMER research into Energy Efficient Design with BIM tools. In addition, we informed participants about the resulting approach and the software tools. In doing so, opportunities were shown to save energy and costs in hospitals or care institutions, and a more effective design process was developed in the renovation and new building, thus gaining insight into international development and practical application at European level of this new knowledge.

​During the workshop, DEMO demonstrated the new functionality of our software (Life Cycle Cost calculation using BIM / IFC model, energy performance, KPI dashboard). One of the innovative tools is the Early Design Configurator (EDC), developed within the RE Suite of DEMO. The EDC creates design alternatives based on a Program of Requirements (PoR) and the so-called draft rules. These design alternatives are then compared on the basis of multiple Key Performance Indicators KPIs in the Decision Support Tool (DST). Thus, in a much earlier phase of the design process, it is possible to determine which alternative delivers the optimum energy performance to the lowest investment and what are the results on Life Cycle Costing (LCC). The participants were able to practice themselves with the tools under the guidance of our software developers.

Are you also interested in these new tools in the RE Suite? Please contact us for an explanation of all possibilities and for a demonstration.

Read more about STREAMER​

Newsletter September 2017 is launched!


​​​​​​​​​​​​We have got news for you!!

In the DEMO Trends newsletter of September 2017 we inform you about general trends, our projects and new developments. Especially international developments within DEMO are featured in this newsletter.

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DEMO has been nominated for Digital Awards

DEMO genomineerd voor Digital Award 2017

With pride, we can announce that DEMO has been nominated for a CorporatieNL Digital Award 2017 in the category 'Most Innovative Product'. It is about implementing the RE Maintenance app (in combination with the RE Maintenance application from RE Suite) by our customer SCW Tiel. With this innovative software, they can quickly and efficiently perform iPad survey related assessments for existing assets (eg NEN 2767) and real-time allocate accordingly multi-annual maintenance budgets.

On the 16th of November, the CorporatieNL Digital Awards 2017 will be awarded during the conference 'The Digital Corporation

Vote for us if you think that DEMO deserves an award

Of course, we cannot win this nomination without your vote. The finalists for this award are 100% determined by the number of public votes. Do you think that we deserve an award? Please vote for us until October 2, 2017. Check out our project page and vote!

As a ''thank you'' to the participants in this voting, one Samsung Galaxy Tab worth € 199, = raffle. Vote!

DEMO on the CorporatiePlein

Bezoek DEMO op het CorporatiePlein 2017

Like previous years, DEMO will be present at CorporatiePlein to demonstrate our innovative software solutions. Are you looking for more opportunities and less risk by improving your Real Estate Information Management system? Come to the Expo in Houten on Thursday, September 21st and visit DEMO's stand for a comprehensive explanation of our services and a live demonstration of our products.

We provide two knowledge sessions, one on the use of BIM in management and maintenance and a second on monitoring and performance contracts. More on this on the website of the CorporatiePlein .

For whom? A visit at the CorporatiePlein 2017 is recommended for managers and employees of housing corporations dealing with ICT, finance, maintenance and real estate management.

See you on the 21st of September!

Sustainable Places 2017


​Between 28 and 30 of June 2017, the Sustainable Places Conference will take place in Middlesbrough, UK. SP2017 is the fifth annual international conference focuses on the commercial, technological and scientific overlap of energy efficient buildings (EeB) and collaborative smart grids, policies and innovative communities.

Andre van Delft is hosting a presentation called 'Four steps closer to a full set of interoperable tools for designing energy efficient buildings workshop' at this leading conference. This presentation related to the findings in our EU research project STREAMER.

You can find the poster with more information about this presentation here.

In addition, DEMO contributes with presentations about INSITER and MOBISTYLE at this conference.

Read here more about Streamer.

Read here more about Insiter.

Read here more about Mobistyle.

Meet our newest employee at DEMO


​​We are pleased to announce that DEMO Consultants, from the 1st of June,2017, is enhanced by Menno van den Broeke!

Menno is an old acquaintance of DEMO and after 14 years at  Arcadis he joins DEMO to direct the Consultancy business unit. Menno has an extensive experience with both consultancy and project management related assignments, with emphasis on management and maintenance of real estate, building regulations and methodological development. Menno is teaching NEN 2767 and is also a member of both the standard Commission NEN 2767 of the examination Committee SCEV. Some key experiences that best summarize the expertise and knowledge of Menno could be: condition assessment,  integrated performance reports, private quality assurance, help-desk of building regulations & fire safe use, Centrum Veilig Wonen, WoOn Research Centre of the Netherlands (e.g. the module Energy- energetic quality of the Dutch housing stock) and Building Codes.

Menno will use the innovative software products, RE Suite and the new tools of DEMO that will be developed in a European research context, to solve Real Estate Information Management issues. The organization and implementation of projects, consulting, training and implementation processes are part of Menno's challenges. The sober, pragmatic and client-oriented approach of Menno guarantees effective project results. Of course, we are open to discussing all the possibilities for a potential collaboration with you.

DEMO is a partner with ''Bouwstenen voor Sociaal''


DEMO Consultants has become a partner with ''Bouwstenen voor Sociaal ''. This is a sector-related platform on behalf and for the  account of directors, managers and professionals in public real estate, including buildings for neighborhoods, education, care, culture, sports, welfare and  information . Stronger together for efficient  information management in public real estate!

Click here to see the latest In Control

Read more on the website

Article in build quality in practice

Artikel in Bouwkwaliteit in de Praktijk: Private kwaliteitsborging met innovatieve technologie​ INSITER

Article of DEMO regarding build quality in practice: Private quality assurance with innovative technology

In January 1st, 2018 is expected the law regarding the quality assurance of building to enter into force . This brings great changes for all the involved Executive parties . In the new system the contractor is not only responsible for hidden defects, but also for all the defects that could occur during the delivery. Quality control during the construction phase is therefore crucial. The European research project INSITER supports the executive parties with innovative technologies to perform quality assurance in an affordable way by monitoring and detecting any faults and repair requests during the implementation process. This research is carried out by a consortium of 14 European companies and research institutions under the direction of DEMO Consultants.

Click here to read the entire article

Co-operation with Stichting Old Groninger Churches


​​Demo works together with SOGK (Foundation Old Groninger churches) ​within the framework of the EU project INCEPTION.

This international research project focuses on the development of methods and tools for the restoration and conservation of monuments (technical direction: e.g. inspections, condition assessment and maintenance planning) and for visitors/tourists​ who want to visit cultural heritage (social direction: developing mobile apps for virtual experiences of visitors).

We will focus on integrating the churches that on the SOGK program (Obergum, Beerta, Termunten); there is an international interest for this program. It feels good to be a part of the quality promotion of the preservation of the cultural heritage (Groningen).

Testimonial Smart Port celebration


​​More than 150 attendees celebrated, last Thursday 6 april, the 2 year Anniversary of  the Smart Port. The celebration took place in the Hamptons building, formerly one of the large distilleries of the Netherlands, a historic Pearl in the middle of the modern skyline of Rotterdam.

Andre van  Delft gave an interview about this collaboration project during this celebration, regarding one installation of DEMO within the Smart Port, ​ Smart quay walls.

Click here to read more about this interesting afternoon

DEMO is looking for new colleagues


​DEMO is innovative, international, creative, resourceful, ambitious and is growing fast. At the moment we have various positions open:

Read more about our vacancies

    Senior Researcher/Project Manager

      Senior .NET team leader

        Senior Advisor real estate department/head

          Technical Advisor

            European Researcher for the Built Environment

              Research internship

                Innovative .NET developer


                  DEMO in VBMK newsletter

                  Introductie DEMO als begunstiger in nieuwsbrief van Vereniging van Beheerders van Monumentale Kerkgebouwen

                  ​​​We introduce ourselves as contributors to the newsletter of the Association of Administrators of Monumental Church Buildings. An interesting collaboration and accordingly a software development following the EU project INCEPTION.
                  Click here for the newsletter

                  We are in contact with our EU research partner VBMK in INCEPTION. At this moment, under the framework of INCEPTION project, we enrich our expertise in the field of cultural heritage. The software tool has been developed in INCEPTION is used as a training material, working out together with VBMK cases towards a survey tool for the asset management of cultural heritage.
                  A potential outcome could be the management and maintenance of monumental Church buildings with RE Suite adapted to the specific requirements and needs of Cultural Heritage!
                  More info on INCEPTION you will find here and on the website

                  DEMO on the front page of EU online magazine

                  Artikel in Horizon2020 Magazine over INCEPTION: Not just Pokémon – prepare for an augmented reality deluge

                  Horizon magazine, the magazine devoted to ' EU Research and Innovation '; 

                  name of the published article ' Not just Pokémon - prepare for an augmented reality deluge '.

                  In this article Rizal Sebastian (Director of research at DEMO) talks about the groundbreaking innovations from our EU projects Inception and Insiter. By games such as Pokemon has the wide audience familiarized with Augmented Reality. The researchers from Inception and Insiter look beyond the entertainment industry and see how the Augmented Reality technology can be applied to improve our daily lives.

                  click here for the article

                  Click here for the online EU magazine

                  More info on Inception

                  New EU project ENGINENCY


                  ​​​​Since July​​ 1st, 2016 has our new EU project ENGINENCY started. We are part of a ​consortium of in total four European partners, where we all share the same enthusiasm to proceed with this research project!

                  The focus of this project is the marketing (in the EU) of innovative hardware and software products that comes from EU research. In particular, techniques for simulation, inspection and monitoring of building energy performance d.m.v. drones, sensors, building management systems and, of course, software tools like the RE Suite of DEMO as a holistic integrated solution.

                  Read more information on the website of the project.

                  This project falls within the EU H2020 program: FTI (Fast Track to Innovation) and will run for two years.

                  Workshop ' built-in as-designed '

                  INSITER is een onderzoeksproject naar intuïtieve zelfinspectie technieken voor de bouw, renovatie en onderhoud

                  At the end of June takes place in Anglet, France the Sustainable Places Conference 2016. The SP ' 16 conference is about sustainability and energy issues in a building, district and city level. DEMO offers a workshop at this Conference ' built-in as-designed ' about our EU project INSITER. INSITER is a research project concerning intuitive self-inspection and self-instruction techniques (implementing e.g. Augmented Reality) during new construction, renovation and maintenance phases. We focus on improving quality and energy performance of buildings.

                  Read more on the website of SP ' 16

                  The workshop is given by Andre van Delft and contains three parts: a short presentation of the project (key objectives, consortium, key development activities), then a presentation of the main expected exploitable results (types of results, the most important innovations, the description of the market) and finally an open discussion between the project representatives and the public, about the context of the potential applications and the presented exploitable results. In this workshop, three EU projects that are related to the this subject were presented INSITER, ACCEPT and BUILT2SPEC.

                  INSITER H2020 is a project started in 2015 on the topic of "EeB-03-2014: development of new self inspection techniques and methods for quality control for efficient building processes". INSITER focuses on the construction process itself and on how we can improve the quality by ensuring that the building "as built" suits the building "as designed".  The project investigates the possibilities of intuitive self-inspection techniqies facilitating Augmented Reality to bridge the gap between the theoritical performance and actual performance of prefabricated buildings and building parts to reduce energy consumption.

                  Click here for more information about the project INSITER

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