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At utilitarian Real Estate, the optimization of the core business processes is crucial. Utilitarian buildings are secondary means of production that support the core business in order to be: effective, efficient and affordable. The property and facility management is an important parameter to be taken into consideration to meet the above objectives. The need of such an efficient management system, although sometimes is not highlighted, is vital, as it organizes and sets everything in order.  ​

DEMO Consultants supports building managers with housing plans, building inspections, energy management tools, maintenance planning and operating calculations. We provide both technical consulting and software products, such as RE Suite, which is a modular tool for property management, energy performance calculations and maintenance planning.

We focus on Real Estate ​

DEMO Consultants deals with different types of clients: government, companies, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. 

Our orientation appertains to the built-environment: buildings, utilities and civil infrastructures. 

Our consultants are architects, real estate specialists, economists, ICT experts, software developers and researchers.

Download here the leaflet for more information about:

RE Suite

RE Maintenance

RE Dashboard

RE Risicomanagement

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