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Educational institutions


No matter the life stance, no matter the ethnic origin, students and apprentices deserve a safe and inspiring environment;  a place where they can cultivate their talents and where they can get to know themselves. Quality, integral work, professionalism, entrepreneurship, engagement and open communication are key concepts in such a modern school management system.

About 15% of the total expenses of schools is spent on material facilities for appraisals, maintenance, renovation and new constructions.  In order to be able to use scant economic resources to attain institution's  objectives, a good housing planning, a strategic energy management and an effective multi-annual maintenance planning are required.

DEMO Consultants gives to educational institutions advice and provide software tools for conducting a good housing policy when their time and technical knowledge is limited.

We focus on Real Estate ​

DEMO Consultants deals with different types of clients: government, companies, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. 

Our orientation appertains to the built-environment: buildings, utilities and civil infrastructures. 

Our consultants are architects, real estate specialists, economists, ICT experts, software developers and researchers.


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