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​Mechteld Petersen

​​Associate Consultant

​Mechteld Petersen (1973) is associate consultant at DEMO Consultants and responsible for marketing and innovation strategies. She has 20 years of experience in the area of Product Design & Innovation, Brand & Marketing, New Business Creation and Leadership. ​​Her main goal is to increase the creative and creating power of people and organisations. At DEMO, she is currently involved in the EU research project Enginency, where she uses her skills and expertise for translating technological complex software systems into clear and effective concepts for the end-user. She has worked for companies like Mars, Brabantia, MaxiCosi/Dorel and Elho, fulfilling different managerial roles. Mechteld studied Industrial Design and Engineering at the TU Delft.​​

Visiting Address
Delftechpark 10 | 2628 XH Delft
Postal Address
Postbus 642 | 2600 AP Delft
+31 15 750 25 20
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