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​Jos Walter

​Junior Inspector / Consultant

Jos Walter (1989) is working at DEMO Consultants as Junior Inspector / Consultant. After studying Facility Management, Jos worked at an international organization for facility management, specializing in managing various real estate properties. At DEMO, Jos uses his knowledge and experience for inspections, surveys and advice for real estate clients. During his work he applies different DEMO software applications for performing various inspections, such as condition assessment according to NEN 2767, and analyzing and processing the data into reports. His customer-oriented and pragmatic attitude in combination with his transparent communication is in line with the core values of DEMO and the Business Unit Advice.​​

Visiting Address
Delftechpark 10 | 2628 XH Delft
Postal Address
Postbus 642 | 2600 AP Delft
+31 15 750 25 20
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