How fireproof is your property?

Quick scan fire safety for Owners Associations

Fire safety is a hot item for Owners Associations (Dutch: Vereniging van Eigenaren - VVE). They have an important responsibility in this. If insufficient action has been taken on this and a fire occurs, it is possible that this leads to liability of the  Owners Associations.  Owners Associations should therefore ask themselves whether their premises are sufficiently fire-safe. However, an extensive inspection with reporting is costly. Therefore, have a DEMO quick scan! Based on the quick scan fire safety, you know if it is worth having a more in-depth inspection carried out. That gives insight and peace of mind.
quick scan brandveiligheid VvE

Quick scan fire safety


The DEMO quick scan fire safety consists of a quick assessment of your building based on a number of basic characteristics. For example, we determine the type of building and survey the fire safety risks that are common in this type of building. You will receive a report with advice on the usefulness of a more in-depth fire safety inspection and tips to improve fire safety.

An example of such a report can be viewed below:

thumbnail-reporting-quickscan-fire safety.png


If you are in possession of floor plans, drawings, photos, etc., you can send them to us digitally. This is not a prerequisite, but it does give us more insight into the construction of the building and so we can better assess the possible fire safety risks.

Costs quick scan fire safety

The costs per quick scan are € 150,00 (ex. VAT) for up to 50 homes. For more than 50 homes we make a quotation in advance.

Fill out the form and we will contact you.

Comprehensive fire safety inspection

You can also contact us for an extensive fire safety inspection.

More information can be found here:

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